Before the fall Adam didn’t work to provide for his basic needs God provided for Adams needs. But after the fall God told Adam “In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread, till thou return unto the ground…” (Gen 3:19).  Well, if Adam didn’t have to work for his needs why did he work?  I believe God gave Adam the job of dressing and keeping the garden so that Adam could display the gifts and talents that God created in him and so that Adam at the end of the day could look at what he had done and say it is good.

God never intended for us to work for our needs this is why Jesus tells us to “take no thought for your life” (Matthew 6:25).  If he wanted us to work for our needs he would have said get a good paying job so you can provide for your needs.  No, we work to display the gifts and talents that God has created in us.

Does this mean we don’t have to work? Absolutely not.  God will use our gifts and talents to bring increase and provision into our lives.  What he wants us to know is that our jobs are not our source of supply, he is.

Many people are without jobs today and they are praying for God to give them jobs. But their prayers are not God give me a job so that I can display the gifts and talents you have created in me; but it’s God give me a job so that I can provide for my needs.  God is our provider, our source and our resource not our jobs.  When you know, understand and believe this it removes the stress and fear from your life.

Just think if you were a billionaire and you lost your job, would you care? Would you worry about how you’re going to feed your family? I don’t think so.  Well, that is the way we should be everyday of our lives whether you’re lost your job or not.  We have Jesus Christ, who is better than a billion dollars.  He is our provider and he has and he will continue to meet your needs.