Imagine you are standing with your back toward someone and they tell you to fall back into their arms. You can’t see what they are doing, you don’t know if they have their arms out to catch you but you allow yourself to fall back into their arms. Why do you do it? You do it because you know that they have the ability to catch you and you believe that they will not allow you to get hurt. I mean, if you know that they can’t catch you or they wanted to hurt you, you wouldn’t let go. This is how faith works.

When we see God’s ability to fulfill our need and we understand that he gave us his best because he only wants the best for us we will let go and fall into his arms and trust Him. But we must first see Him in His grace.

Take the feeding of the five thousand (Matt. 14:15-21). They were in a desert place with no food and not enough money to buy food. He took a little boys lunch consisting of two fish and five loaves of bread blessed it, brake it, gave it and multiplied it. So much so that there were twelve baskets left over.

You may be looking at what you have and saying it’s not enough to pay the bills, that’s what the disciples said. But instead of looking at what you have, see Jesus. See how he took what was so little to man and blessed it, brake it , gave it and multiplied it. When you see him in his grace it releases His faith in you to fall back in His arms and let Him catch you. Remember God gave us his best to give us his best.

Maybe you don’t have anything not even a little for God to bless and multiply. His grace is sufficient. When those that collected tax money for Ceasar came to collect from Jesus, He told Peter to go to the sea and go fishing (Matt. 17:24-27). Jesus told Peter the first fish that he caught would have the money for the taxes in his mouth. Now we know that Jesus had a treasurer, Judas was his name and he would also betray Him. Jesus could have told Peter to go get the money from Judas. But I believe that Jesus wanted us to see that He only is our supply and He knows how to get what we need to us. He didn’t have to take out of what was there to meet the need. He could meet the need even when there is nothing because all things belong to him and He knows how to get what we need to us.

Don’t see what you don’t have, see what He has, see how He took care of the tax money out of nothing. See how He caused the ravens to feed Elijah, when Elijah had nothing (I kings 17:4), see how He healed the woman with the issue of blood when the doctors could do nothing (Luke 8:43-48). Don’t look at what you don’t have or how little it is, or how big the need is, look at Jesus in His grace and it will release in you His faith to fall back in His arms and trust Him.