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This weekend I spent my time just relaxing. No,  wait, I mean really, really, really relaxing.  I did nothing but lay around the house, listen to messages on the internet, and took many naps.  Then on Sunday evening I started to feel guilty about how I spent my time.  I thought, “I shouldn’t be this lazy, I should get up and do something.” I thought, maybe I should have used this time to do something more spiritual. Come to think of it, it reminds me of the V8 commercials when after drinking some other tastier drink you hit yourself and say “I should have had a V8.”  The stress and condemnation I was feeling had begun to undo all the rest and relaxation I’d received because if you’re not relaxed in your mind you not relaxed in your body.

God never wants us to feel condemned about anything.  I Timothy 6:17 says, “…who giveth us richly  all things to enjoy.”  Yes, He even gives us rest to enjoy.  Psalms 23:2 says, “He maketh me to lay down in green pastures.” This speaks of God giving us rest.   God not only knows how to give us rest but He knows when to give us rest.  He even created us in such a way that our bodies tell us when to rest. So, if you at times feel as though you want to lay around and do nothing, don’t stress about it, just rest.  Our times of rest gives our minds and body a chance to be restored, refreshed and renewed.  It’s God’s way of giving us strength for our journey.

Taking an entire weekend may not work for you right now but what about one day or half a day or 30 minutes.  The point is take time to rest and do something that you enjoy and don’t stress or feel condemned about it.  It’s God’s gift to you.  What are you doing to rest?  I love to hear how you’re taking time to rest and enjoy.